LOVE YOURSELF- second half of challenge

Before I report on how the second state of the challenge is going, which is basically packing your body full of good nutrients after the cleanse, I wanted to write about some other issues that have occurred in my life over the past weeks while doing the challenge, some things I am very proud of.

I have always been a super self conscious person. I have worried about every detail of my body, my hair, makeup, etc. I compared myself to others almost all day, and I longed to look like other people.  Along with that I also have been obsessed about what others think of me, almost to the point where I would become depressed if I felt someone didn’t like me. I would worry constantly that people were mad at me, and sometimes it would make me sick just to even think about it. It is a horrible thing to live in this state, and I feel like during this challenge, and with the help of some very inspiring and positive christian people that have been so gracious to meet with me on a regular basis, I am finally breaking free from these chains.  I have realized that I have to love God, myself, and others, That is it! If others do not love me back, that is not on me as long as I am being the best person I can be.   I can strive to be the best person I can be for God, and other’s will hopefully see the good in me. Along with that I am starting to become completely confident in my body. It has flaws, I personally have flaws, but God loves me so I need to love me. Life is too short.

Another big thing I have realized is I have to accept the good parts about me and the bad parts. I have been struggling with waking up early every morning. I want to in the most way wake up and spend time with God before everyone else gets up an I do not have time. I have been struggling and struggling almost to the point that when I failed, I would just not want to wake up at all but stay in bed all day. I hated myself all day and was a horrible person to others in my life because I was just so mad at myself for not getting up earlier.  Lately I realized this is a flaw of mine, I am lazy and not a morning person, simple as that. Instead of letting this overwhelm me I have acknowledged it and am now working on it with God. Instead of trying to wake up an hour earlier, I wake up 10 minutes earlier each morning. To let something so trivial effect my life so much is just crazy, but I did.

I know others have to struggle with the same demons that I struggle with everyday, not feeling good enough, and I wish I could talk to everyone of them and tell them they are not along.  I just feel like I am in such a happier place in my life these last few weeks. Taking the good with the bad, taking everyday one step at a time, being healthier and happier for everyone, and loving God with my whole heart! It has not been easy, a lot of things are falling behind because I am focusing more on my inner self; for example, Our house isn’t as clean, laundry seems to be piled up more, and sometimes I go to bed without the dishes done. But you know what, the moments I get to work out with my husband, read books in bed to my kids, or cook a healthy meal as a family are much more fun and important than making sure all the laundry is put away before bed. It will all get done, but maybe just not right now.

Sorry, i just needed to get some things off my chest. I feel like I have all this energy that needs to get out and I know that energy comes from God.

As for the challenge goes things are going great. My diet hasn’t changed much since I posted last and below I have listed some new recipes we have tried. Chad and I found a couple of times over the last few weeks to work out together and that has been amazing. My friend gave me some great workouts to try so we usually do those which consist of cardio plus weights. I also started running stairs at our college coliseum and I will tell you what, that is the best workout I have ever done. A group of girls introduced me to it and I love it. It tightens up every muscle in your body and it only takes 20 minutes. Heck you could run up and down your stairs in your house while the kids are napping. We are actually going to the coliseum as a family, we will take turns doing stairs while the other one entertains the kids. I will post all my workouts at the end of my 24 days.

After the cleanse we have added back into our diet some light dairy; greek yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, and some feta cheese here and there. Only once a day and usually at the beginning of the day. I do not plan on cutting out dairy after the challenge so I wanted to introduce it back in. 

Here are some different recipes:


Original Recipe

2lb. Chicken tenderloin chunks 1 cup pineapple juice 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/3 cup soy sauce Combine all together, cook on low in Crock-pot 6-8 hours…that’s it! Done! Serve with brown rice and you have a complete, easy meal.

How I modified: Instead of regular brown sugar I used splenda brown sugar (some people agree with sugar substitutes others don’t, I think in moderation it is fine.) I only used half of what it called for and use organic maple syrup for the other half. For soy sauce I googled and found that a sauce called coconut aminos is a good substitute, and it was.  You could probably just use the brown sugar and be ok, It just depends how healthy you want to go. I also doubled it so we would have left overs and threw the chicken in my salad the next day. Yum Yum

BodyofStille Pancakes: (this was actually an Advocare recipe). 1 banana, 1 egg, 1/2 meal replacement shake, 1tsp cinnamon. Mix together for 2 minutes or until soft and pour on hot griddle. I used our organic syrup and some PB2 on top, Chad used natural peanut butter.

We did grilled salmon one night with just some lemon juice and coconut oil and asparagus.  He usually adds a sweet potato or brown rice and I usually try to refrain,  just because of the carbs. I usually just make a bunch of sweet potatoes and have them ready to go, as well as hard boiled eggs, homemade quac, and some ground turkey, this makes meal times faster!

That is it for now, I am trying almond breaded eggplant over the weekend so I will make sure to write about that, I am a bit scared!


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