Nearing the 10th day!

Wow these last few days have just flew by on the challenge. Chad, the boys and I traveled to Topeka this weekend to watch my little brothers basketball game, Nora stayed home with Chad’s parents because she is not the best traveler.  It is never easy to diet on the road, but we did pretty good. We did weigh in before we left, even though we said we would not, and I was down 7 pounds and Chad down 8, so that was extremely exciting. We packed all vitamins, spark, shakes, peanuts, peanut butter, protein bars, and apples and oranges.  Yes it was a hassle but it was worth it and came in very handy.

Friday night we came home to my parents house and my mom had made salsa chicken which chad and ate a small helping of. It was baked and no oils or added salt so we felt it was a good meal. (And it was amazing)! Saturday we started the day off right with our pills and spark. (We also packed our fiber drink because Sunday we add that back in.)  We left very early for Topeka so we ate a protein bar and fruit for breakfast.   Lunch was hard because my family went to a pizza place. This is a personal opinion but I feel it is rude not to eat when someone else pays for the food. Now you could have done this completely different and said no thank you and just ate the salad. Chad and I instead ate one piece of pizza and then had a big salad from the salad bar.  Dinner was followed by a healthy salad for both of us, and Sunday was again about the same routine adding in our fiber drink. We just made sure to again eat every 2 to 3 hours small portions.  This is when those snacks that we packed came in very handy! 

Do I think we ate as healthy as we could have… No.  If we would have stayed home would I have ate healthier…. for sure, but I think we did pretty good. I have decided not to beat myself up over the little things during the challenge and just do the best that I can.  We did not work out but we did do some swimming with the boys which I am sure burned some calories. 

It is so hard with kids to be perfect on a diet.  I follow all the moms on instagram who have just the most amazing bodies and I just do not know how they do it!? But I have decided that is probably not going to be me, I have to come to terms with that. For one I just do not have the desire to workout that much. Do not get me wrong I love to work out but after a day at daycare, sometimes I just want to sit with my family and do a board game, or read books, or just be together. Can AdvoCare get you to those goals…. Yes I totally believe it can.  After my second child I worked out all the time, I had the energy to do that because of AdvoCare.  It just feels different this time, I do not have the same goals. I want to be healthy for my family, have more energy, and work out occasionally and that is why I decided to do the challenge. AdvoCare can be anything you want it to be. Can you reach your goals with out it, absolutely, but I feel AdvoCare makes it easier and gets you to your goals faster by 1) Gently cleansing all the bad things out of our body 2) After cleansing adding back in all the good things your body needs and helping your body start craving the right foods, and 3) helping you learn again how to eat healthy in smaller portions so after you are done with challenge you can maintain a healthy body image.  It is not magic and I know that, and you should to. You still have to do the work. 

This week we have been back at it and are rapping up the first 10 days, the cleanse phase. I will post again when we start the next phase. Also below I have added some recipes we have eaten. Again remember pinterest is AWESOME when it comes to recipes for the 24 day challenge. I am on it every night looking up recipes to make. – I did not use the blue cheese! If you do not want to go as far as to use the spaghetti squash you can use whole wheat pasta but watch when you eat it and also how much. (Refer to the 24 challenge sheets. ), Sub coconut oil for the vegetable oil to make it even healthier! 

Remember if you fall off the wagon, just get right back on! We are all





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