Day 4 AdvoCare Challeng!

I was right, It for sure getting harder, it gets harder to be creative, to not feel like you are eating the same thing.  On a positive note, Chad joined a Gym! He ran on the treadmill and or course ran 5 miles like it was nothing. Are you kidding me? Guys are so lucky. The boy hasn’t worked out more than 10 times in the 4 years we have been married, and he just goes and runs 5 miles. Geez. 

On the 4th day of the challenge things change and we did not have to take the fiber drink this morning, Wahoo! Although like I said, it really is not that bad. Chad says he has not cheated.  I unfortunately had a little moment of weakness yesterday, I ate half a sugar cookie that one of my daycare mommies brought.  I hate when I do things like that, afterwards I have so much guilt. And there I go with that word “hate” , I am trying so hard not to use that word anymore. It is so negative. Oh well, I have  moved on. Today we had a pizza party for Valentine’s Day followed by all kinds of treats and I restrained from all of it so I will focus on that. I cannot believe food can control so much or our lives, it is so crazy, I am sure God is looking down saying “really Kim”? Lol. But for me it is really such a mind game and I have to fight all day to stay on track. I am hoping that this lifestyle change I am making will change a lot of that. 

We are still following the eat every 2/3 hours rule, around 200 calories. Chad of course eats more. Some things I have tried are Gluten Free Rice Cakes with some Pb2 which I love! Chad has been doing a lot of oatmeal with peanut butter, bananas, strawberries, things like that. For dinner we had Chicken fajitas and Taco Bowls over the last few days. You can actually buy at Walmart these these bowls that you put tortillas in (we used whole wheat), and make taco bowls in the oven, they are so good. we put in ours ground turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and onions left over from fajitas, and natural guacamole (Pinterest provides great recipes). You can also make your own taco seasoning. I found the recipe again on Pinterest and this will reduce the amount of sodium found in those packets.For the Fajitas we just used a little pepper and did everything pretty natural, cooked in coconut oil! 

For lunch today I had a spinach salad with avocado, chicken, carrots, cucumbers, sunflower seeds (unsalted), and used the same dressing I used on the first day and it was SO GOOD. I think my body is starting to adjust and like those “Gross” orange and green things I ounce did not like! Feeling excited about that! I have been drinking so much water, I feel like alls I do is go to the bathroom. For the first 2 days I did have a headache and I talked to several nutritionists I am friends with that said it was my body just adjusting to less carbs and sugar, which is a good thing. Today I feel great. Lots of energy! 

The weekend should be interesting as we are heading out of town and that is already hard, but I am planning of packing LOTS of healthy snacks and of course our spark, protein shakes, and vitamins to help us stay on track! We both feel so good so I do not want to through it all away. Neither of us have weighed ourselves since we started but we both decided we would not step on the scale or do measurements until it was all over to help us not get discouraged.  


Feeling great and loving this new life style so far! 


God is good! 



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