Day 1 Recap of the AdvoCare challenge

I think Day one went really well on the challenge, although I always feel the first day of any lifestyle change is the easiest because the excitement of something NEW is there 🙂 .  The fiber drink is really not that bad and I would totally recommend the peaches and cream flavor, Chad and I always cheers when we drink it lol. (we are dorks). We usually do our meal replacement shake in the morning, because we always feel rushed and it is just easy. For morning snack I had my nuts (I honestly might have went over 1/8 cup but I feel okay about it, and also had 1/2 cup of strawberries.  I can’t do just almonds, I do the unsalted mixed nuts. I am not a huge almond fan but I am okay with them if they are mixed with other nuts. Shortly after I had another spark. For lunch I had a Sweet potato with a spinach salad with cucumbers, avocado and carrots. I used red wine vinegar and a pack of stevia for the dressing on the salad. Now this is so hard for me because I am not one of those people that can say “I love veggies.” Fact is I will be honest, I don’t like them very much at all. But I have talked several nutritionists that say once you start eating all the good stuff, your body will start craving those “GROSS” green and orange things so I am hopeful! For snack I had an apple and PB2, which I found in the organic section.  During other health kicks I have tried and tried all kinds of different almond butter or natural peanut butter and just couldn’t do it.  Believe me I tired hard and probably wasted over 100 bottles of the stuff. However, PB2 is not bad. It is not peanut butter but it actually tasted pretty good! For dinner Chad made Salmon and green beans. Everything was made with Coconut Oil and also lemon juice, we also did use a couple squirts of the spray butter.  He had a sweet potato because he needs more calories than I do. I decided to stay away from the carbs for the night. We did split and orange later in the evening, followed by our cleanse pills . His diet throughout the day was similar to mine just in bigger portions because again he can have more calories than I can. He also eats regular peanut butter.  We did not work out the first day. I wanted to so bad, but it is not going to happen ever night. We will start that tomorrow. 

That, along with catalyst pills which I honestly think are magic, and also omegas is the first day of the Challenge! I didn’t follow the rules 100 percent but I think I did pretty good and chad feels the same. 

Starting this challenge has been really good for Chad and I, bringing us closer I can tell already. He always is a happier person and so I am when we are healthy.  The kids hate it, but they do pretty good eating some of the things we do, which makes me feel good that they are also benefiting from our change. I am not going to lie they did not eat Salmon.  

Chad and I both battle waking up early in the morning, our goal is to try and wake up to pray together and just start the day off with HIM. We both feel like we have a good separate relationship with God, but we need to make sure our relationship is based on HIS love. Having three kids 4 and under is so challenging and we will not make it without God’s guidance.

Deciding to stay home and start a daycare I know was the right decision because it has allowed me to stay home with my kids, but it has not been easy on myself or Chad.  It has been a tough road and after I get done writing about our challenge to better our physical health, I want touch more on the daycare journey, it has not been a breeze that is for sure! 


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